Types of massage

Classical massage - Classical massage is the most traditional and most common type of massage that is based on Swedish massage. This is done with oil or dry. According to customer needs and wishes can be performed as whole body massage as well as different parts of the body. Classical massage activates blood and lymphatic circulation, in particular, stimulates metabolism, reduces the head and muscle aches. Massage increases the body's resistance to disease as a result. Massage has a relaxing effect after both mental and physical exhaustion.

Segment massage - Segment massage is an intensive therapeutic massage for certain areas in the back and neck, implemented dryly, in order to relieve the pain syndrome and improve the work of internal organs. After the session, therapeutic gels and balms may be used in order to elongate the effect of massage.
Suitable in case of sub acute phase of radiculitis, joint problems, circulatory disorders and for those who are often suffering from lung diseases.

Cellulite massage - if necessary, special massage techniques and essential oils help restore the skin elasticity of troubled regions, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. For achieving beautiful results, a longer course of treatment is necessary. Also suitable for prophylactic purposes to prevent the accumulation of fat.

Lymphatic massage - A specifically slow and gentle therapeutic massage with rhythmic pressure on the subcutaneous tissue. This massage is intended for reducing edemas while taking into account the structure and functioning principles of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage helps to reduce swelling, expel waste products from the body and boost immunity. This therapeutic massage is especially necessary after the surgery, during which part of the lymph nodes are removed, and prevent and reduce post-traumatic edema.

Shindo – Shindo is a strong massage, which consists of three parts: stretching the energy channels, massage and free-fall meditation.

Thai massage - Thai massage is a whole body massage. During this massage with yoga elements, different body points are treated in the rhythm of your breathing through pressing, stretching and bending. With strong and resistant pressure and strains, blocked energy is being released and the work between the soul, body, thoughts and feelings will be balanced. This type of massage is also called "lazy man’s yoga".

Children's Massage - massage and gymnastics can be done on an infant starting from 1.5 to 2 months old. Through touching child’s receptivity to surrounding world increases, and his/her development progresses considerably. Child develops better psychical and mental abilities. Massage improves the child's immune system, which reduces the child's illnesses.

Zone therapy - Zone therapy or reflexology means influencing the whole body via manipulation of various points on the soles of feet. Both soles are massaged with thumbs, fingers and knuckles in a certain order, direction and strength.Helps to relieve stress and treat chronic diseases. Quickly improves circulation of cold hands and feet.

Sports massage - Sports massage is a component of training system and it is implemented for improving athlete’s physique. Massage is an effective way to prepare for competitions as well as in case of fatigue. Sports massage is a special complex, which enhances athletic performance, prepares an athlete for a lasting active muscular work and speeds up recovery process.

Honey massage - Honey is from Tibet. Honey is used primarily as an adhesive substance to cause adhesion between the masseuse’s hand and the patient's body. Honey massage accelerates blood flow, creating long-lasting hyperemia. Honey’s known healing effects reach the body through the skin. Honey massage is used successfully for muscular tension, colds, mental stress, joint problems and chronic treatment of cellulite. Honey massage is the only massage, which has been used to treat sunburn.
Unfortunately, it is not suitable for people, who have honey allergy or dense hair. Patient has to be clean, should not wear any body lotion.

Cup massage - Suction cup or vacuum massage is an ancient Chinese alternative treatment method. By using rubber or silicone cups a vacuum is created. Due to this vacuum, skin and subcutaneous tissues are sucked into the cup.Cup massage accelerates the lymphatic and blood circulation, causing long-lasting hyperemia. Very suitable for colds and chronic joint problems and cellulite treatment.

Chocolate massage - suitable procedure for those who are experiencing cardiovascular diseases, stress and mood decline. Prevents heart attack and stroke. Indicated for general loss of power. Suitable for all skin types - moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, dries oily skin’s pores, tightens and nourishes aging skin. An ideal cosmetic tool for people in their 40´s.

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